• keep the people in your life that make you feel beautiful!

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    It is such an amazing feeling when the people around you make you feel beautiful. Those are the people that you want to keep in your life. Those are the people that help make you shine and feel good. They make this world easy to live in. But you must make sure you do the same for them and do not take them for granted. Build them up just like they do for you. Make it hard for them to leave because they don't come around to often.

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  • 2 new shirts and the mindset while designing!

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    Thomas Scott has launched two new products.

    A white long sleeve shirt, 'Free yourself', and a black short sleeve shirt, 'Smile'.

    The concept behind 'Free yourself' was to create a feeling of being different and standing out. The blue bird is a different color than the rest and is flying off to create its own path and journey.

    The second new shirt reads 'Smile, happiness looks good on you'. This statement is meant to not only bring a smile upon the person wearing the shirt, but also anyone who reads it while you are out and about wearing it. Smiles are contagious and the best way to face negativity. So one by one let's create a chain reaction and a happy and beautiful world. 

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